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Defending a base, I point out a guy behind cover about 40ft away, Apoc tosses a grenade out of the base.............. hits a tree........... bounces back within 10ft of crap, dry peas everywhere within the base.

Pushing an assault with Quantis, Indigo, a few others at Quick Pass II, Quantis laying down support, asks me if I have my lighter handy, I do, tosses me a couple grenades to rip ahead of us. I light the first, pitch it, hits a tree and bounces back, not even 10ft from Quantis prone head shooting his SAW, I yell at him, he dee-dee's outta the way, it goes off. Crap, Apoc jinxed us!!!

And watched an assault of our base one day (four three story towers at four corners of the base), the two guys previously trading shots with the guy in the last active tower decide to run though the muddy grass and potholes, not even 80ft perpendicular to the tower, in an effort to get to cover on the other side. Both got mowed bad, then complained about getting shot while running. Shit, why not go 300ft around the base, enter from the disabled tower I was standing in watching (got hit earlier, watched the show) and take the base that way? No, gotta do a suicide rush, then complain because of getting shot. Oh well, was fun to watch.

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