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You can hunt with a Permit. If you are going to shoot a real gun, you need either a permit, or the authorization of whoever runs the local municipality that allows the land you are on to be used for that purpose.
The shooting area becomes a range, in pretty much all legal definitions. You need a PAL (or the equivalent for youths), at least.

So one way or another, you need permission from whoever is responsible for the land even if you own it or the Crown owns it.

That's the basics for real guns.

Airsoft is another problem; not real guns, not airguns, allowed or banned depending on how folks feel that day. Normally considered Replicas with all the rules attached.

That means Joe Teenager cannot own one. He/she cant use one without supervision. Where Replicas can be used is obscure but better left to areas approved by the authorities. We all go through the precautions anyway.

Shooting with buddies, among teenagers, with Replicas they are not legally allowed to have, is a recipy for disaster. No matter where it happens.

Real guns should not even be mentioned by the teens hoping it makes a difference. It does not.
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