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Originally Posted by Greylocks View Post
And unless your property is licensed and insured as a gun range, you cant shoot real guns there either.
Sorry, but you're just plain wrong on this one. There aren't too many ducks, moose and deer hanging around the local gun club. Likewise, there is no insurance on Crown Land, where hunting is generally permitted, and the only license you need is a PAL and a hunting permit (if you're hunting). If you're going to make a statement that's "absolute", you can't turn around later and say "Oh of course, we're not talking about hunting".

On Private property, outside city limits, target shooting is perfectly acceptable and legal, presuming no other provincial, local or municipal laws are broken in the process.

The only way your statement can be given ANY kind of credence is with regard to RESTRICTED firearms, which may only be TRANSPORTED under ATT, to a Provincially recognised and accredited firearms range. Having said that, you cannot discharge a restricted firearm anywhere other than a range that is certified for that purpose.

For someone with as much exposure to firearms as you declare, I'm surprised to see this statement coming from you. And please, don't use the original intent of the post concerning airsoft to deflect from the point that you've stated, as an absolute, something that is completely false.

Droc - taking pot shots off your balcony is covered under various other parts of firearms law, but I think you knew that. Target shooting on private property outside city limits is perfectly legal. You don't need any special permits or licenses (beyond PAL and registration certs for your firearms), you don't have to call anyone, you don't have to get permission from the police or the local government, you just have to be safe about it because you're responsible for where the rounds end up.

Originally Posted by Garandfreak_surplus View Post
And lastly Yes their is a huge difference here. Discharging a firearm in a largely populated area is a whole lot different then on a 180 acre woodlot in a rural area. YOU re-read the laws again and show me where it says I have to get provincial/municipal/etc. consent before doing so.
Yep. Unless there's a municipal bylaw prohibiting discharge, or at certain times, but you're bang on here.
Originally Posted by Deaf_shooter View Post
what if it model after his?

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