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Digital, dear god, you need to breathe and relax.

I tried to use a simple example that is prerequisite to getting specific answers.

You went nuts because I did not mention the 'need to know' clause? Dear god lad...

I can talk about a monitoring station; it's no secret that it's there, it's even on record that it's there IF you do some research. It's not the only one. Heck, you can drive right through it and unless you are blind and clueless it's right in your face. You can drive right by two (obvious) more just in the Ottawa city limits.

Same as for the JTF2 barracks; what they do and where they are at any given moment IS Top Secret. Where their barracks are is not. Knowing that reveals nothing. Talking about what a neat looking place it is reveals nothing. Speculating as to where they are currently is just talk, but you can talk about them.

It's called freedom of expression, and it's fine as long as it reveals nothing secret to anyone not allowed to know about it.

It's amazing what Google can find IF you use it properly. Pictures of these places can be seen clearly.

For the rest, I commend you on your attentiveness to the security of Canada but you badly need to refocus on far more important targets than comments made on a forum.

Debbie; I can look at anything I please while at work as long as it breaches no laws or internal code of conduct, just like anyone else.
If my work requires that I look at anything coming from your IP address, I will, or others will.
If in return someone wants to dig into my information, they can, and they will.

Welcome to the reality of how open forums, or the internet, works.
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