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Originally Posted by Ibby
Digital, you really need to relax. I'm not saying become slack in any security areas, but your exhuberance of youth in your job is a little overwhelming at times.
I am every bit as guilty of 'exuberance of youth' as GL is guilty of 'exuberance of age'.

There are somethings that there is little room for apathy on. Security can be considered on of them. Perhaps I am a little too 'gung-ho', however having seen some of the 'issues' that I have in the course of performing my job, one can not really blame me for having a lower amount of patience for some things.

Also, there are some things that you just don't do.

Yeah, pointing a unloaded gun at some one will not hurt them, but that really isn't the point is it.

Originally Posted by Ibby
LOTS of folks here have security clearances. One of my duties is repairing crypto gear. I can tell anyone I do that, big deal.
I wasn't having issue about either of those [number of people possessing a security clearance or telling people what you do for a living], I believe GL brought them up to defend his position.

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