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And learn about sarcasm too, it will help your career.
I am sure your bosses don't read ASC then, or you would be stuck in the mailroom. I have never seen anyone with such a Napoleon complex in my life. That is a little man who means nothing, who lauds over all with his opinions. Who cares how old you are, age does not always mean a experience does mean something, but man you live in your own little world.....where you are king. What you are is King of the little people, people who know nothing and hide behind you because they think you speak for these boards. In the eyes of another much older adult you are simply pathetic....there are alot of "Cliffies" (ever watch Cheers) out there, you are in the club. My God trying to impress people with your security act like a 12 year old. People who have security clearances that matter DO NOT discuss it...end of story. Christ you work in Ottawa, everyone has a clearance are nothing special so please please, for the love of God wake up.

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