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Originally Posted by CDN_Stalker View Post
I can show you proof of mine!
I know you can. I know vaguely where you work.

Stalker here is an example; we talked. We discussed in very basic ways what we both do. We can say we spent our day fixing a (insert item here) and being frustrated in the middle of a public place and still say nothing that reveals any information.

"I fixed a computer filled with viruses today, it was hell." I just told the truth, nothing is classified even if the computer and it's contents are. The computer is not named, nor it's location, access codes or content. Not even the subject of the contents. That's how the secrecy laws work.

If I'm STUPID enough to spew out details, then I'm in shit. That's when the other person better have the right clearance, and the right need to know, on paper. That's how it works, for those of you who need practice in the application of the laws.
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