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Originally Posted by Digital_Assasin View Post
Then one would hope that you would be aware of the associated responsibilities that go along with possessing a security clearance and thus would not be so freely suggesting that you would make information available that apparently requires a security clearance. Regardless of weather or not the receiving individual has a clearance of sufficient level, the still do not meet the "need to know" condition that is attached to designated or classified information.
You did not read what I said. If she has a proven clearance of the proper level, I can talk with her about it. You are nitpicking about the details. You can discuss classified material with others who have the right level. You can even go into fair details without revealing anything.

Aware? I can say "Hey, today was fun; I traced a criminal's electronic papertrail and the Security Director was right there watching the show. Too bad it only took 5 minutes."

I cant tell where, I cant say who I traced, I cant name the director or talk about the exact information I found, and I cant show documented proof. Cant say much of anything even to another security cleared person.

All I have said so far is not classified at all. Obscure maybe, but not classified. Should I say where to point Google Earth for one of the monitoring facilities in Ottawa (anyone can see it) our would you get me fired? Should anything classified be blanked out? Good luck. Wont happen.

You are what? 25? So you've been gung-ho about the rules for maybe 5 years? Time for you to breathe and refrain from trying to educate others on rules you just learned. This is like you showing up in the Director's office telling him how to do his job and chiding him. Wrong target lad. Go find folks who really break the law IF that is your job. If not, you are impersonating an officer of the law.

Hmmm, want to be as professional as you claim? I would change my profile's comment about my job real fast. Government Security pros dont advertise. Telling all the world what you do in that field is not a good move.

And learn about sarcasm too, it will help your career.
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