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Originally Posted by Polo609 View Post
good lord what the fuck is up with that, i've never herd about such immature 17 year olds! How retarded can you get?? your at a flippin hockey game what the hell im so mad at retarded kids like that, how do you raise such immature kids????????whats wrong with the world..
The world man... education is falling... and failing... little britney girls are everywhere... at 10, the all have thong at this age... and most of them already know... you know what...

they all saying fuck you to mom and pop ! Also to their teachers... slogan for them ?

Fuck everything, fuck me and get drunk 3 times a day !

Man, our society is much more like a garbage can than what we are trying to build for the best of our future generation. I don't know what's going on with people on earth, but ... everything seems to be wrong in every aspect of life these days. You have to focus on something you truly believe in and keep this on your mind if you want to make it through the world today !

Seems like every children doesn't really care about the consequence of their acts. They just do what they want without thinking if it's good or not. They don't see what's coming after a bad move or something stupid. They just do it and say : Ah... oups ! Wow ! Great man ! Really great !

Anyway...sorry, but too frustrated about my job, about what's going on in the world, about what people can do to help our future and they just don't care about... they just sit on their ass and wait... about how life could be so easier if we could stand all together instead of shitting on the guy who's beside us... anway... what's next in the next 10 years for all of us ? Mmmmm... man, things will just to worst I think...

Just to say that we'll heard more news about this or similar to this for next years... let's hope our world will get better and our government will keep off his hands on our precious sport... airsoft !
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