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Fresh soccer mom ammo / Neg AS news article

I just saw this on CGN
Wonder why they are posting this?
Wondering still if the RCMP are interested in ASC.
MODS feel free to auto delete any "sky is falling" posts

From the CFD:
Date: Sat, 27 Jan 2007 11:56:14 -0500
Subject: Students fire air guns at hockey game

PUBLICATION: The Chronicle-Herald=20
DATE: 2007.01.27=20
SECTION: NovaScotia=20
PAGE: B1=20
BYLINE: Gordon Delaney Valley Bureau=20
WORD COUNT: 476=20

- ------------------------------------------------------------------------
- --------

Students fire air guns at hockey game hitting spectators, players,
referees; Police charge 5

- ------------------------------------------------------------------------
- --------

MIDDLETON - A high school hockey game in Middleton got out of hand and
play had to be stopped Wednesday night when students began shooting more
than just rubber pucks.=20

The game between Middleton Regional High and West Kings High School at
the Middleton arena had to be called when student spectators in the
stands began shooting plastic pellets from air guns.=20

They began by shooting at each other and then started shooting other
people in the crowd. Soon after, they were shooting at opposing players
on the ice, the Zamboni driver and even the referees, witnesses said.=20

One concerned hockey mom described the events at Wednesday night's game
as the worst she's seen in 10 years of minor and high school hockey
involvement. She said the game had to be halted when the students began
shooting at the referees.=20

Some witnesses at first thought the students were brandishing pellet or
BB guns.=20

But Cpl. David Fraser, with the Middleton RCMP, said they were air guns
that use a carbon dioxide cartridge.=20

One of the guns, considered by some to be toys, was seized under the
seat of a student's car, said Cpl. Fraser.=20

Five students, all 17, have been charged with a variety of offences
ranging from mischief to pointing a firearm to possession of a dangerous

Cpl. Fraser said police expect to seize other similar weapons and
witnesses are still being interviewed. There could be more charges as
the investigation proceeds.=20

"We have yet to take statements from as many as 20 others," he added.=20

He said the weapons may be considered toys by some, but they fire
projectiles and could cause serious injury. He said the referee was shot
in the back and compared the pain to a bee sting.=20

Cpl. Fraser said the pistol seized by police is a replica semi-automatic
Walther P-22. It's painted black and looks exactly like the real thing,
including the markings.=20

"It's pretty realistic looking," Cpl. Fraser said. "I'll put it to you
this way. If I was to encounter this on the street, as an officer with
26 years experience, I'd treat it as the real thing."=20

The replica shoots hard, small, plastic, pea-sized, multi-coloured

He described the behaviour as total reckless disregard for safety.=20

"The kids, for whatever reason, thought this was acceptable behaviour. .
. . But we're treating it very seriously."=20

Cpl. Fraser said the school is taking the incident seriously also and it
could jeopardize future high school hockey games.=20

Annapolis Valley regional school board superintendent Norman Dray said
the guns are similar to the "fake weapons" Kings RCMP issued a news
release about last week, expressing their concerns.=20

Mr. Dray said the incident is being treated seriously by the school and
the board. So far, two students have been suspended indefinitely.=20

"This is abhorrent behaviour and I think it needs to be dealt with as a
serious incident of misconduct in a very firm and forceful way," Mr.
Dray said.=20

He said other students at the school are upset about what happened and
many came forward to provide information to police.=20

Const. Les Kakonyi, with the Kings RCMP, said last week that police are
worried about an increase in the number of people carrying
realistic-looking replica firearms into schools and throughout the

Four other incidents at schools in the past three months involved
realistic-looking toy guns that resembled 9-mm handguns. He added that
parents need to talk to their children about the possible dangers of
carrying imitation weapons.=20

"I don't think the students understand the possible consequences of
their actions."=20
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