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Originally Posted by Goldman View Post
In all fairness there are a lot of Ontario players (especially from the older crowd, or more local player groups) that don't bother with ASC, since almost everything ends up as a "My Pen Is mightier" contests.
That doesn't stop them out-right from having an account does it? I could see that stopping them from taking any part in threads and posting. But, I'd imagine that some of the "old-timers" would take advantage of some of the sales threads and so on.

Nah, saying you've been on as a guest for 7 years and having been reading constantly is horse shit. Proof of this is that he/she doesn't believe that there are people monitoring the forum. There are a few threads about it that have been on before, like the above mentioned Montreal guy ((I forget the name now... something666)) and others. Plus then add in the fact that 7 years of "reading" and "keeping up" he/she would have come across at LEAST one of the many people who are in the law enforcement and so on that are here all the time. I'm pretty sure if someone from the law enforcement end of things saw something highly illegal they'd report it, or recommend the very least what the parties involved should be doing.

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