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Debbie, I told you and everyone here the truth.

The Police Officer who watched and read this site is from the Joint Provincial Firearms task force (or whatever acronym they use today). They dont post, but they DO read.
Second fact; you can monitor a site and not have someone physically look at it. The new term for this is data-mining; programs that use key words (mostly) and statistical data, matched with excellent IP tracking. If you think the authorities are not equipped or too dumb to do this, you need a reality check.

If you think that anything you send out on the internet (or the phone) is safe from scrutiny, wow, how will you handle the truth?

Dont want my answers because you dont like me? Too bad. Educate yourself, remove those blinders, and maybe you'll learn something.

Oh, if you want proof, you'll have to show me proof of your security clearance first.
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