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Heh, I half expected a lame excuse like "I had to make a new account."

But I doubt they'd want to say that if this is the case... because then we'd be looking into why he/she was banned in the first place.

But, a guest? For 7 YEARS?! Nah, don't beleive it worth a damn. However if this is the case. I say you get me PROOF that it is. Someone in your area that has been on long enough to vouche for you to have 7 years here on this site.

And I don't want hear-say from you either.

Oh, and as far as this going that they monitor this stuff. Guess what, any of you non-believers just gotta watch the news where they point out how authorities are more and more looking into web forums in Canada to spot and stop crimes commited using internet communications and such.

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