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Originally Posted by Debbie View Post
Proof Proof Proof.....LOL I want Proof not heresay......
I did manage to keep the file, pics and whatnot the Fisheries officers built from the 4x4 website out west I belong to. I have their business cards and other contact info. I can forward this to you if you like. It's definitely proof, and this is only in relation to driving 4x4's in the woods! If a government department is looking at something as harmless as a bunch of rednecks driving around, you can rest assured that other departments that cover areas that are potentially dangerous to the public (i.e. firearms/airsoft) do spend time researching websites covering that content.
Sure there's plenty of OMG TEH SKY IS FALLING EVERYBODY PANIC!!!1!11!!ONE on this board, but it's pretty simple to pick out the facts from the crap.
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