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Remembered another one.

At The Ferry hid on the upper car deck in an open crate with the lid facing other team's stairwell, waiting for them to start coming down. Then i see 2 guys coming towards me from my exposed side, thinking they are on my team, call out a challenge. They dont answer... oh boy. Call it out again, wait a couple seconds and see them take cover... crap. As i was jumping out of the crate, which was about a foot high, i was pretty much in prone, popped a couple shots from my G19 and..... as i was jumping out my foot cough on the side of the crate. Down i went on the diamond plated floor with my entire weight landing on my left wrist (good thing i use my right arm , JOKE!). Hearing my screams of pain, they, thankfully, do not shoot me.

Real funny part is when there was no ice, i decided it would be a grand idea to use propane vented from a mag (in it's cold form) as a cooling device... I didnt count on the actual liquid going through my new bandaging and burning my wrist. Now i had a sprained wrist WITH a chemical burn to boot... happy times.
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