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Originally Posted by Droc View Post
Have a friend in the RCMP, mentioned that sites like ASC and CGN are well known to the RCMP. Thats not in print proof, but works for me.
I dont have a doubt in my mind. With airsoft being as big a problem as it is, ASC isnt hard for the law to find...shit, I hear the RCMP has google now.

Lets face it, the police are not stupid, and its well known that many pro-gun groups are monitored. To even think for a second that ASC isnt well observed is crazy. Look at all the issues with airsoft retailers and such. To think that ASC is overlooked is crazy.

All that stuff with that terrorist group in toronto over the summer, alot of their actions were watched over the net....and its not like ASC doesnt have guns, odd people, and training facilities, occasional threads about explosives and such....have to be really stupid not to watch ASC from time to time.

There has also been atleast one occasion where a member has filed charges against another ASC user for threats on and through this site.

At the time of this post there were "Currently Active Users: 233 (66 members and 167 guests)

More guests than members, it would be stupid for us to think that not just one of the guests couldn't be some sort of watchdog, ie police, CBSA, angry soccer mom, or journalist.

Also when building a case the police will use any means at their disposal. When I was 15 I delivered groceries on bike, I made a delivery and on my way back, I was stopped by two detectives, and was asked for details about the appartment. How many people did I see, and did I notice anything strange or different today. Found out later they were raided, turns out the place was a storage depot for coke.

So the net or forum is a wealth of info for them.
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