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Originally Posted by ATREYU View Post
#1. I took the building on the top of the hill at DragonOps by myself - mercying the 6 occupants inside... to the tune of - "we're on your team asshole".

#2. Tossed one of my grenades at someone .. only to have it tossed back at me with the fuse lit.

i remember that one. i was one of those 6 men. the funny thing is he kept yelling MERCY MERCY!! PUT YOUR GUNS DOWN OR I WILL $*#%*@ SHOOT YOU!! for about..20 seconds (?), standing like 10 feet away, before he realized we were all "coloured" the same.

i i forgot to take the barrel plug off during the first night game i played, been running around like that for about 20 minutes, before my enemy mercied me and said "were you going to shoot barrel plugs at me?"
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