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Originally Posted by Greylocks View Post
Yes Brad01. All the time. It should not surprise you.

We're not discussing real guns.

But you said unless you have a firing range license (and insurance) you are not allowed to discharge firearms on your property. That's a bit misleading, unless it is an actual federal law that applies to all provinces equally.

If it actually does state in federal law that your average property owner can't discharge firearms on his own land (with the exception of hunting, I suppose, because we all know that's legal) then I have to restate that a lot of people are breaking gun laws with police knowledge. At least in my area, anyway.

What can happen or not with real guns during hunting season (and where) is not the same set of laws as for Replicas.

The problem here is that people think the laws for airsoft/replicas are the same as for real guns. And underage people still try to find loopholes.

Is this unclear? "NOT THE SAME LAWS".

I know all this. My concern was mainly with your statement about discharging firearms on private property.
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