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#1 At Rawdon being stuck in a ditch not being able to move, then being lite up by 3 guys who let it rip on me ( High caps pretty sure) adrenaline I was yelling hit so was foxtail and wasn't t'ill Poncho told them to stop and that I was dead man did that hurt.

# At Rawdon again being stuck in an open field with Droc and running like hell for cover. beacause we saw Raven and crew coming with the Argo, then droped for cover to be hit bye Sniper direct hit on top of head. Man I had an ear ache for 3 day's.

#3 At the last OpNAM we were playing a game and was able to make it around the field and not being shot. Made it to the comand bunker and hurried up the ladder and rolled to get into position and riped a hole in my BDU's and tried not to swear to give away my position. and waited for like 20 min up there, then I hear the rest of the player in the staging area talking away. So i walk up and ask if the game was finished there like ya 20 min ago.
Oops we forgot to yell out game over.
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