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Yup me to.....I've also been told I could get away with going to bars and clubs and buying smoke's, dosen't mean I go an do it. I was just commenting on the part about the parents are to be blammed. If anything it is san fransisco fault for selling a gun to a minor which is only part blame. But it is the parents fault as well for not knowing what the hell there kid was doing. It is also the parents fault for the child being under the age of 18 because the courts deam that anyone under 18 is not fully developed with moral's. Thus makeing the parent repsonable because they are the moral better!

Not to mention i've seen kids half my age not even half like younger! Playing with true to god airsoft rifles no not the boy's type, tm m-4s and shit. I kinda went whooo buddy like I know you teacher your kids to be responsable with the guns but come on dude. Enter me with some craptastic rental Mp5, i stodd there wondering man I wish my dad would buy me a m4 and get it painted shit that would be the best.
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