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Charged a hill with my G19 on a cold fall night.
Guys on the hill did not see me... 'til i jumped up and started screaming AAAAAAAAAAAA and firing. It went like this
Slide locked back due to cool down.

Another one was me and another guy sneaking around the enemy. Bad guy about 20 meters ahead not looking at us. We are in a small hole with dry twigs all over the place.
Me whispering: dont ....break...a...twig...

Then i put my weight on a giant log and CRUNCH. The thing breaks and everyone looks at us. If that didnt give away our position, me laughing sure did.
You dont choose who you love, love chooses you; and that little fucking son of a bitch sticks itself to your face like the godless bloodsucking bastards in Alien and refuses to let go until it has drained your soul and left you an empty shell of a human being.

I am worth $2,106,266.00 on

<axel026> i need help please
<^cell^> do you have an appointment?
<axel026> im french
<^cell^> i see... thats a terrible disorder
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