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the guns pictured in the newspaper were cheapo plastic springers, you can buy them at san fransisco in londonderry mall in edmonton, the pistol for $25 and the M-4 for $60 i bought one (m-4) for shits and giggles so my little brother would stop bugging me to shoot my systema ( this shooting goes down in my indoor basemant range under close supervision, so no worries about that one, and no i didnt buy it for him i bought it for me and it stays locked in the case with my systema)

anyways point being the guns that the retards had on the bus were cheapo springers that are readily available at san fransisco cost $60 and they dont ask you for id to purchase, what caught my attention when i was in san fransisco was that a kid no older than 15 bought one and walked out of the store with it, and he wasnt asked for id nor did he have a parent present. so i bought mine for shits and giggles and upon taking it home it was very convincingly realistic (came with vertical grip, laser, and tactical flashlight, and sling) it had weights in the butt and pistol grip as wel as weights in the foregrip and mag and a metal barrel, shoots at roughly 150-200 fps judging by the pain from getting shot in the leg with it.

so i think its not the kids parents fault, its san fransisco's fault for not requiring ID to purchase the damn things, and then on top of that the stupid kids must have been oggling the things on the bus after they bought it, causing attention to be drawn to them ( that why we have an 18+ age restriction) ( should be 21+ as i know plenty of retarded 18 year olds that shouldnt be within a mile of airsoft)
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