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Originally Posted by Phfat View Post
I'm not assuming your under-age, it does say your Age VeriFied, and so what if a Pot Leaf is my picture? its just a picture, if it offends you, i'll change it. And oh, the reason why I said did you fake it, is cuz you wouldnt want to tell ur real one, but same year, but whatever, i pretty much not care bout this anymore.
The pot leaf doesn't offend me at all... Neither would a mushroom, or a rainbow for that matter.
I simply meant that it is not helping to show that you are any bit mature, but if you can prove that in fact you are, it wouldn't take away from that in my mind.

One thing though that you will learn about this forum is that spelling and grammar is necessary. You don't want to be seen as immature here, simply because that will limit your stay in the airsoft world.

Just a couple suggestions.
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