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Originally Posted by Kokanee View Post
And yet some retailers (not you Miles, you rock) continue to sell to minors... Or sell to their "parent" knowing full well it's going to a 15-16yo.

If I was a retailer, I'd ask standard questions such as "will this airsoft rifle be for you or someone else?" Bloggins answers "oh, it's for my 14yo son" ..what's the correct answer folks?

A) Will that be paypal or credit card?
B) I'm sorry, we don't retail to minors, please have your son/daughter come and see us when he/she is 18.

Ultimately the rifles/pistols come from somewhere... really, I don't hold the minors running around with these items as much as the retailers whom only see dollar signs and have no regard for the well being of the sport.
The retailer really has no business asking those questions.

When you see under-age kids who get into trouble like this, its because their not informed. I know if I didn't come here and learn the laws and rules before buying a gun, I would be getting into trouble to.

So really, you can say, o their under-age and its those kids causing the problems. Yet, even someone 18+ could do the same thinbg if they didn't know. But most likely not cause they may know a bit more about the laws, but still.
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