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Originally Posted by CanadianChick View Post
I'm in the UK (Scotland) and the next stage we are at now is creating a registered database of players. Each site is responsible for creating a 'list' of players which, basically, will allow you to purchase airsoft guns. To get on the list, you must have played airsoft a minimum of 4 times in the past year and be at least 18 years old. The list will be available online by all shops who can access it to verify that you are a player (once you produce ID). Online ordering will only be sent to the registered users' address. This move has allowed us to proceed with having this sport keep going in the UK and will curb the sale of guns to 'assholes' who are out to ruin the sport by using them for things other than airsoft.
Heh... good frickin luck with that. Airsofters, in particular frequent posters on this forum, tend to run an hide rather than gather and rally. Trying to organize a united front with this group (even posting the idea of it) is like cutting yourself to control the bleeding to a wound. You'll just end up in worse shape and in the end, your idea will be dead and in the trash.

Anyone else who's suggested we try to prepare airsoft for the inevitable can tell you the same, and there a tons of posts that have resulted in flamefest due to ignorance of the inevitable..... but hey... if you think you're any different give it a whirl... but you'd better be prepared for a fire.
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