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G&P Metal Kit and Frame for Sig P226

I just purchased a G&P Metal kit for my Sig P226 all thanks to Raygis Lasvegas' group order. One of the reasons I'm writing about this is because of the lack of info on the G&P kit. The price of the kit was a pretty good deal I paid a little less than 2/3rds of the Creation kit. So if I screwed it up I could always switch over.

The G&P kit is pretty much the same as the creation kit. The only difference is the G&P frame does not have the small ridges down the front of the grip like the Creation and TM frames. When holding the pistol, it is barely noticeable.

One thing I was prepared for was the piece which holds the nozzle that inserts into the slide needs dremmelling. However; G&P has fixed this problem by providing a replacement piece that fits perfectly into the slide. Also, that piece itself is held in place by a couple of screws provided by G&P. Essentially, there isn't any additional tools required other than the standard screw driver and hex wrench.

The only issue I have with the G&P kit is how tight and snug the pieces fit together. Some peices require a bit of continual wearing to occur before they are able to move smoothly, such as the lever that holds the slide stop. The magazine itself fits quite snuggly in the grip and requires it to be slammed in and a bit of prying to pull out. Not to worry though, after a while of continuous slapping and prying of the magazine, it became easier to insert and slide out.

It took me about 45 minutes to assemble this kit (I was watching 24 at the time). I do not have much experience taking apart and putting guns together. This is probably the second time I've done a full assembly so it's not difficult to do, although a exposive diagram from TM did help. So it is "doable" with basic knowledge and mechanical understanding.

Quality; (Looks, feel, and weight) 9/10
Assembly effort required (10 being easy) 8/10 see fitment issues
Value and cost 10/10 (probably the best bang for your buck)
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