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I see where you are coming from.

However with all due respect.

That will never happen, just look at the bickering and dissection of an idea, in this thread. The idea will die off, and this thread will get burried, unless we stop talking and take action.

If you want to be organised, you need a head to follow. This is why corporations have board rooms for heads to discuss the direction of the company and the people who are involved in said company.

You want change, then you need a plan of action, and you will never come up with a difinitive plan with 1500+ people giving what they think. Come up with a plan, and put it into play, everything from there on in will fall into place.

Remember most people are followers, and like to talk the talk, but will never walk the walk. True leaders are far and few between, but they have the ability to talk the talk AND walk the walk, the rest WILL follow these leaders, it's human nature.
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