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Originally Posted by Greylocks View Post

The cannons I refer to are from the same era as the muskets, not modern cartridge guns; but they are operational. I've seen privately owned cannon up to 6-pounders. I can buy both with little effort, my PAL has nothing to do with it.

I did say, clearly, that nothing would happen right away. BUT... if we give it time, things can change as the past has proven.

True. Without all the interest in history and re-enacting/living history, cannons probably wouldn't be easy to find, not because of legalities, but because of demand.

WWI and II webbing is being reproduced at high rates, because of the recent resourgement in the interest in history. I'm sure you couldn't find much P-08 webbing 20 years ago, but now you can buy an entire reproduced set from several dealers for under $400.
I see where this is coming from...but am not sure if it would have much effect on the minds of the people who want to eradicate all shooting related activities.
I am under 18, and I am trusted with a real gun, but not an airsoft gun :wink:

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