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Originally Posted by Garandfreak_surplus View Post
Thanks for all the positive replies!:smile: I thought I might get flamed for asking noob questions.

So high end Aeg's are more accurate and effective at longer ranges then paintball guns...

Well I would like to get into airsoft, but where will I get one? and can anybody confirm that I need a license to get airsoft guns? if so where do I apply for this license. keep in mind im only 16
As a 16 year old person, you can't get one, You need to be 18 to purchase airsoft guns.

There are currently 2 trusted suppliers you can find them under "Canadian Retailers" but they require proof of age of majority to sell them.

In addition most games are restricted to 18+ , and if not require the presence of your legal guardian on the premisis while you participate.

So really you have a 2 year wait until you can fully participate.
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