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I like to think of paintball and Airsoft as different ends of the spectrum..

Paintball guns are fairly cheap.. but you can easily spend $100-200 a day on paintballs. With Airsoft you spend anywhere from $600 on a gun to about $2000 including gear, mags, Upgrades, and Combats. Some people spend FAR more, and you know who you are!

3500 Airsoft rounds is only $20. Paintballs are usually about $90-100 for 1000 rounds. Depending on how you play 3500rds could last you more then a game or two... Plus you can get your own Airsoft BB's pretty much anywhere you want to. There is no rule saying you have to buy from the field you play at.

Of course none of this includes the standard $25 you pay at the fields eaither as an Airsofter or a Paintballer.

In the end. I think it all works out to about the same. Its all about what you want though. Airsoft is alot of personal customization.

I Believe..

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