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Here's how the average airsoft gun sounds.
Video of HK33 Agian. - Photobucket - Video and Image Hosting

12(*) license lol, no. It's just an import license, not a firearms license. (I think, its somewhere in the faq's crap but I don't remember.)

Accuracy and range. On average, FAR superior to a paintball gun. The HK33(CA33) in that video, I was able to hit enemy easily at 120ft and able to choose where the bb will hit them.

Paintballs, as I've seen on the field (shared paintball field) seem to be rather spiratic.

Of course airsoft guns sound unrealistic, there is no combustion of gunpowder or anything. Some guns have a dull pfft sound to them when "silenced".

400fps bb, hitting your face, it stings for a few seconds thats about it, may give a a bit of a bleeder but hey its all good.

Airsoft more expensive then paintball.......thats really debatable.

Depends what you have and how much you shoot. But generally, a lot cheaper. I dont know how much 3000 paintballs cost, but 3000 bb's are about $18.

Don't take this the wrong way, but please TRY and use proper sentences in your post, as your current format is hard to read. No spaces to differentiate between your sentences.

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