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Originally Posted by Greylocks View Post
It all happened because that type of equipment was required to do something that had a basis in education; they educate themselves about military history and battle tactics by doing them 'live'. So bit by bit, it started small, went big, went huge, and changed the laws/attitudes.
Nice try with the logic, but its seriously flawed. For example, blank firing WW2 era weapons are needed for WW2 reenactment. WW2 reenactment also has a basis in education. So, by your logic, they should be legal. But they're not. They're prohibited. Only film production companies can get their hands on them, and even that has restrictions and limitations.

And cannons arent legal just because they're needed for reenactments.

Just because we call ourselves reenactors and say we need airsoft for our 'reenactments' doesnt mean the laws will eventually change for our favor. In fact, I bet it would have zero effect on the laws just like reenacting has had zero effect on the laws pretaining to blank firing weapons.

Plus, where's the 'basis in education' in airsoft games? Teach people about modern military tactics? How often have you seen REAL modern military tactics used in your average skrimish?
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