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O.K. I know sticky's have been made but I've read them and they really don't help me at all, so I would like you to help me out. O.k. first off I read something about having to get your prohib license to get airsoft guns over the border, is this true? 2nd all the videos I have seen with airsoft guns firing sounds like they are made of crappy plastic, and make this really sick sounding sound when fired, which sounds really unrealistic ( but might work if I had incorporated a fake silencer... hmmm... anyway) my next BIG question and probably most asked question is-> how do airsoft guns compare to paintball guns in distance and accuracy. I have some thoughts as to how they would compare considering they fire a smaller and lighter projectile compared to a paintball, lets compare the paintball marker to a high end AEG. Now alot of players I've seen playing only where eye protection ( How does a plastic BB traveling at 400 fps feel on the face? ) And lastly my question which I already partially know... is airsoft more expensive then paintball?
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