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The resurgence started in the movies, and at fur-trading rendez-vous events. Then several other groups started to re-enact that period of history. Part of what happened was a demand for muskets of various makes, originals were rare...

As it was impossible to do those events without the right equipment, it started to put some pressure. Even the media thought it was silly to try and do this with wood sticks or yelling 'bang'.

As it was colorful, historical and interesting to watch, the attitudes changed. Eventually, as the laws were being reconsidered, it was noticed that those muskets were used by re-enactors more than anyone else.
Since the use was harmless, they became Perceived as harmless and the laws for them were relaxed a lot.

Go to any large re-enactment and you'll see exactly all those soccer moms who would burn us at the stake taking their children to watch.

So yes, re-enactors and what they do were a part of the reasons for the change. I'm not joking about the cannons either.

This did not happen overnight, it took over 40 years. But it did work.

Since airsoft guns are not firearms, this idea could lead to a change in the laws eventually IF it's spun right.

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