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Originally Posted by Brian McIlmoyle View Post
At the end of the day it is not what we do that is in danger of becoming set outside our grasp.. Push comes to shove we can use paintball guns to play the game.

it is the tools we use that are at risk.

But even there... it is really access to the tools that is in direct peril today.

The Brits got a writen in defense to their law to allow them continued access to airsoft guns.. we don't have that option

All the semantics in the world won't help us if the tap runs dry and retailers are squeezed out using currently existing legislation and policy. All that needs to happen is for the CBSA and the police to enforce existing laws... and we won't have any retailers in Canada.
Re-enactors have been at the forefront of making many things acceptable, and some are downright surprising. I'll use the 17th-18th century groups for example.
Not that long ago, those events were un-heard of; now look at what was done for Quebec's 400th year?
Who would have imagined you would be able to buy real, functional, muskets in obscene calibers? Or even better, cannons, that are 100% functional?
(Yes, the re-enactors DO have the explosives and ammo for them too, they just dont use the ammo except at ranges)

It all happened because that type of equipment was required to do something that had a basis in education; they educate themselves about military history and battle tactics by doing them 'live'. So bit by bit, it started small, went big, went huge, and changed the laws/attitudes.

In airsoft, we do the same, but for a far newer time period. Same types of battles/games/sims, correct uniforms (or as close as safety or cash permits), and so on. We happen to have a valid need for the right tools too, and that's where airsoft comes in.

It wont change the laws for that instantly, but it will plant a seed.

That's all I want right now; start small, individually, and plant that seed.

Scarecrow; there have been many re-enactments done with no, or few, scripts. I've been in several where we were told to think outside the box, and those were a TON of fun for us and the spectators.

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