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Originally Posted by Brian McIlmoyle View Post
At the end of the day it is not what we do that is in danger of becoming set outside our grasp.. Push comes to shove we can use paintball guns to play the game.

it is the tools we use that are at risk.

But even there... it is really access to the tools that is in direct peril today.

The Brits got a writen in defense to their law to allow them continued access to airsoft guns.. we don't have that option

All the semantics in the world won't help us if the tap runs dry and retailers are squeezed out using currently existing legislation and policy. All that needs to happen is for the CBSA and the police to enforce existing laws... and we won't have any retailers in Canada.
Thanks Brian, this is precicely my point. Without addressing the root cause of the risk, we gain nothing by re-packaging the game under a more socially-acceptable label. The concept of portraying airsoft as "military role-playing" is fine, but until we've legitimized the tools of the trade we can still loose them, new name or not.

Would it help the image of the sport itself? Perhaps, but perhaps not. In the end, paintball moved away from realistic guns (yes there are exceptions) simply because it was the largest obtacle to social acceptability.

Go nuts, try it out, and if it works then good on you all. I don't see it affecting me one way or the other, because I'm already as close to "military role-playing" as you canget. One way or the other, I'll keep playing the sport whatever it's called, until they ban the tools alltogether or legitimize them once and for all and tackle real problems like crime and criminals.
Originally Posted by Deaf_shooter View Post
what if it model after his?
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