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Originally Posted by Greylocks View Post
Too many of you seem to think the term re-enactor would limit or restrict what we do, and I really dont see where that perception comes from.
My God, hell just froze over, I'm actually agreeing with Greylocks

Precisely, re-enacting is the only route you can go because it does accurately describe what we do, even though the community doesn't currently see it that way, others outside looking in would and do if framed properly.

If you've ever been to a 're-enactment' proper, you will note it contains a lot of what goes on at an airsoft game, except there is usually a more period focus and the 'gaming' skirmishing aspect of it isn't as pronounced because they basically can't do what we do with BBs. If they battle its usually a scripted mock battle.

This is the only aspect of trying to treat airsoft as a re-enactment is the gaming component, but I don't think its a huge barrier - in fact its a fun variation to the re-enacting concept. Who knows, maybe one day you'll see a civil war re-enactment with airsoft driven rifles firing 50cal plastic balls (not **joke**).

Morbius also makes a good point regarding fighting the *principle* of taking people's guns away, be it airsoft or real steel. There is an underlying principle that you either support or don't support and most airsofters I think would support property rights and coopting the criminal and not his tool as the culprit of a crime. Legislating hammers isn't going to stop hammer attacks, people will just switch to screwdrivers.
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