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Originally Posted by Gryphon View Post
I also think most reenactment groups would take umbrage with us calling ourselves reenactors. A true reenactment is about demonstrating a historical event or period; there is no winning or losing, there's no points, there's no respawn. It's not a game. Airsoft is.

When we hold a "historical" op here in Manitoba, the actual event depicted and its outcome are tertiary in nature. The primary focus is on providing a safe and fun environment for people to enjoy. It's also not a public event which is another hole in the reenactment argument because we're firing live projectiles, and there isn't exactly a spectator's area where people can enjoy a smokie and a beer from the bleachers. If we reenact anything it is solely to further our own personal enjoyment of the event by providing an interesting role playing aspect, no more.

Your first point .. is not true... many re-enactment societies have combats of various types , some quite vigorous.. and much more dangerous than what we do , In lots of them there are points, and respawns... and to a degree is is a game.. and a sport... and a re-enactment... all in one..

I think it is important to not get tied up in Semantics... the point is to divorce the activity from the objects... calling what we do "airsoft" really does not provide any indication of what we do...

Picture this...

So what you got there? Um an airsoft gun...
Yeah .. what do you do with that? I airsoft with it....
Huh? you know... shoot people... you know for fun...besides the guns are cool...
Right...(backs away slowly not making eye contact)


What you got there? Its a simulated firearm
Yeah What do you do with that? I participate in Modern Battle Simulations.
Why would you do that? Well mostly for fun and exercise, and I have met really great people who share my interests...
Really... can you tell me more? Sure come on over and meet my friends...

bingo... now its not about the guns anymore... it is about exercise, community, shared experiences...entertainment

But... I do agree that this will not resolve the issue with continued access to airsoft guns... all this does is take the focus off of the guns a bit..

We still need to be active in preserving our rights to access and ownership.. an issue that can not be divorced from the wider issue of gun legislation.. as it is the same body of law that will affect us.
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