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To think that soccer moms everywhere will suddenly embrace the sport by calling it something different is assinine.
And to think that's what we're suggesting will occur is equally asinine.

To think that changing our nomenclature will turn airsoft into a "soccer mom" sport is very myopic.

Paintball has evolved into what it is today as a result of efforts to make it socially acceptable. In it's early days, it was very similar to what we do with airsoft guns today.
You're so willing to clump ALL paintball player into the speedball category that you FORGET that there is a community of paintball players who play the SAME game that we play, except with paintballs and markers instead of AEGs; they play the same game that you probably played before getting airsoft. I know that's true of me.

The games these player play is COMPLETELY different from speedball, but they share one thing in common: they don't have to worry about it becoming illegal and not being able to buy markers/paintballs.

The ONLY way for airsoft to get mainstream acceptance is, unfortunately, to bring it into the public eye in a POSITIVE way, using nomenclature that the public will be comfortable with.

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