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Originally Posted by MadMorbius View Post
Join the CSSA, and help protect both.
Just out of curiousity, how do real steel shooters who aren't into airsoft see the plight of airsoft? There are airsofters who aren't big on real guns, so I assume the opposite also exist. If a real harsh anti-gun bill were to be tabled, would a significant portion of the RS crowd turn their back on airsofters in exchange for negotiating room? "We represent a legit activity, those other guys are accidental shooting by cops waiting to happen"? I got the impression from the fight across the pond that British airsofters' attempt to ally with other pro-gun groups had mixed/lukewarm receptions.

Not saying that RS guys would all do that, just wondering how different groups thinks. Since if you look at it, airsoft and RS don't coexist particularly well. When either side gets into trouble, the other is unavoidably drawn in. Yet airsofting wouldn't be nearly as difficult if real guns were illegal, and RS owners can sleep a little better at night knowing that there aren't kids running around constantly pissing off the anti-gun social hypochodriacs.
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