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Mrs. Lawdog in Final Four and Airsoft Sponsorships

Thanks to your votes, my wife's manuscript has made it into the final four of the American Title III Contest. Voting is open again for the next round, and all you have to do is send an e-mail with One Shot, Two Kills in the subject line to

It seems that she has even brought all the judges around to her work, garnering all positive comments in this round:

We need every vote we can in this round, and in fact I cannot think of a single reason why you would not spread the word to everyone in your addressbook.

The really good news is that this means Kim made the top half of the contest and my law firm will be kicking in two sponsorships to support airsoft this year. I am hoping to use one to assist in a "national" event, but if the organizers of the events I have approached do not finalize something with me by Feb. 1, I will be releasing both sponsorships to Ontario teams. I will post a call for proposals on Feb 1, with the details about how your team can submit for one of these sponsorships.

But the fun just never ends when a KJ Howe contest is going. For those who vote for KJ this round there will be a "Kill Me Off" draw run to get yourself made into a character who gets offed in her next book. Details should be posted later today.

As always feel free to visit her website at

Many thanks,

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