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Originally Posted by redhawk_six View Post
Why are you so incredibly opposed to using the term Modern Military Simulation? What is so wrong about that?
Step into an anti-gun anti-violence civilian's shoes and ask yourself that question.

It's all about choosing the right words; military, guns, simulations (of what, they will ask), war-games, weapons... all words that raise flags in the general public.

Change the words, you change the perception immediately.

What comes in your mind when you hear the word re-enactor? Usually something to do with history, education, demonstrations, public events that are interesting and you can take the kids to watch.

That's the word game we have to start playing if we want to do something better in the future. You dont have to.

It's not about ME or what I want. It's about an approach that WORKS if we give it a shot.

I could ask the reverse question; why are you so much against changing a few words in how you describe yourself and what you do?
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