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you know

It does not really matter what the term is as long as we stop calling what we do

"playing airsoft" or Airsofting..

The activity needs to be divorced from the objects

It is the objects that are the problem... not the activity... but calling both what we do and what we do it with by the same name....

Every time there is a bad report about "airsoft guns"
Airsofters take the wrap...

Why the heck do you think new people get so confused.. is airsoft illegal? do you mean running around in the forest with a bb gun shooting your friends? or do you mean realistic imitation firearms? or do you mean both.

At the end of the day... what we do is live action role playing... tell me how is it different if I "kill" you with a 5.56mm bullet simulated by a .2g 6mm bb fired out of a realistic replica of an assault rifle while dressed up in the costume of a "modern special forces operative" Or I take you out with a small packet of baking soda tossed at you simulating a "magic missile" while dressed up like a wizard?

You may say... well what we do is realistic... but I assure you there are just as many wanna be wizards out there wanna be SF operatives..and they are just as serious and committed to "realism" as you are...

( in case you are wondering... no I am not a Fantasy LARPer but as I do teach mediaeval swordsmanship.... I do upon occasion... bump into some )

I am partial to Modern Military Simulation as a working name for what we do...
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