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Big production re-enactments are rare, that's a fact. But they are not illegal.
Who said they had to be big? Or on TV? Or on public grounds at first?

I've seen public re-enactments much smaller than some games we've had.

I think too many of you guys are trying to immediately jump to the big leagues instead of looking at the basics.

Maybe the community is not ready to play the game of political correctness that would help us all. We CANT get represented by the Law is we dont get our act together.

Do like what ASC does; establish rules, follow laws, even enforce those laws. Then start the PR campaign in the future using the same tools and vocabulary that has worked before.

Then, with time, things will change.

Or you can sit back, and do nothing at all except complain we have nowhere to go and a bad image.

Many of you may hate political correctness, but that's the way it works these days. The closer you are to big cities or to Ottawa, the worse it gets.

Want to be taken seriously? It's easy, speak their language. If you dont, there are far more soccer mom types out there than there are of us. Guess who will win in the long run?

Your choice guys, I made mine.
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