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Originally Posted by MadMorbius View Post
You can call it whatever you want. At the end of the day, a stroke of the Liberal pen can make it prohibited entirely, regardless of what you call it.

Put forth an argument that we're "re-enactors" and they'll counter that we don't need firing replica's to do so.

Fight the anti-gun movement and this problem takes care of itself in the process.

Sorry, but I just see this as window dressing.

My muskets, for 18th century re-enactments, are perfectly functional AND do shoot projectiles. So yes, you do need a prop or replica that can shoot something, or simulate the real thing.

I know the rules for airsoft and muskets are too far apart to compare well, but it's still a start.
The guys who use muskets and even full bore cannons started someplace too. They chose to re-enact older historical events. Medievalists go even further. But there is no reason why modern battles and tactics cant be re-enacted.

It follows, logically and defendably, that you need equipment that reflects the time period you wish to re-enact. In our case, the best tools are airsoft guns.

If you can have the right to own a functional cannon, you can make a case for ownership of Replicas for re-enactment purposes. But not right now, it's too early in the game for going that far.

Let's get accepted by starting to play the political side of the game, and then we'll be able to think further down the way about the other stuff.

(Yes, it IS window dressing. But if that's the first thing the soccer moms will see, I can dress my window real nice just for them. It costs me nothing to do it either).
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