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Originally Posted by Groombug View Post
I doubt the vast majority of the airsofting community would be willing to abide by the strict realism rules that are applied to In Country guys. Most just want to get their guns off and have a good time shooting each other.

Re-enactment would necessarily require strict adherence to a certain set of kit and weapon guidelines. Anything less would result in amateurish presentation and asshatry.

There are undoubtedly airsofters who try and follow a particular pattern, and there are those that are incredibly (and exhaustively so) successful. But I don't see a similar commitment to realism or the desire to make it a priority in the general airsofting population.
Read again; YOU DONT HAVE TO FOLLOW PERFECTION and only one way/style. All you have to do is be able to say you are re-enacting TACTICS that are, and have been, in use in modern battles.
Even of just for fun, that is exactly what you are already doing anyway, right?

You dont have to do anything more than change your vocabulary at this point. That's all.

Just say "I am re-enacting tactics and techniques used by modern peacekeepers and soldiers since World War 2". That is the truth and is far better than saying; "I use machine gun replicas to shoot my friends because it's fun".

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