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Originally Posted by SF View Post
That's an affirmative except for one thing. All the commie VCs are white guys. They can't be all Russian advisers or former GIs crossed over to the other side, can they?
For musketry groups, it's far from the truth to say that all the natives really are natives.
Again, we (yes I am a re-enactor) reproduce situations that happened or were likely to have happened using methods and tools/equipment that existed at the time where the event is set.
Airsoft games can be defined in exactly the same way. There are tons of modern battles, special ops and terrorism operations out there to be studied. We reproduce skirmishes at every game. We use appropriate uniforms and equipment that was/is in use at the time. Modern times, modern equipment.

We ALREADY do this stuff, we just need to change some wording and attitudes to get the ball rolling.

It becomes exactly the same except it does NOT sound threathening like the words military, weapons, guns, would sound.

To understand, think like a soccer mom. What would you rather hear about?
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