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Originally Posted by wikipedia
Historical reenactment is an activity in which participants recreate some aspects of a historical event or period. It may be a narrowly-defined time period, such as a specific war or other event, or it may be more broadly defined.
That's a pretty broad definition, and as long as we twist the storyline a bit on the milsim games, then it'll still fit the re-enactment definition.

Ok, there isn't much jungle warfare in Afganistan to be re-enacted in most place across Canada. But I mean the CDN Forces does enough peace keeping mission around the world that would have some jungle warfare that we can base our milsims around.

The gov't can't really say we're not re-enacting if we loosely base the game around these missions because that dis-credit the missions our forces take oversea at the same time. There isn't anything that prevents us in re-enacting relatively unknown events.

Also, I'm sure there are CDN Forces using weapons other than our standard issues, and I'm sure there are battles the CDN Forces might be in other uniforms other than our own. (Which would allow us to wear different BDUs and carry different loadouts, and also, a lot of time it's usually a joint mission, so we have even more choices.)

I still see it as going to work out unless something really concrete beats against it.
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