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Originally Posted by redhawk_six View Post
Airsoft is nothing like reenacting, END OF STORY. Hate to ruin your fun, but there it is. Nothing good can come from us trying to call ourselves reenactors. For one, it will greatly offend real reenactors and history buffs, making our sport even further of an outcast sport within the military enthusiast community. And if a reporter ever looked up the deffinition of reenacting, do you think they'd paint us in a positive light? Hell no. They'd potray us badly, as people with something to hide, as people who can only get away with playing our sport by trying to pass ourselves off as reenactors. The bottom line is, because of the nature of our sport, we can never be truthfully called reenactors. Period. Argue all you want but thats the truth.

Read the deffinition of reenacting if you dont believe me. Then tell me how airsoft could possibly be considered that.

Now, you want to change the name of the sport and become more pc, more public friendly, great. But not to reenacting.

Modern Military Simulation would work fine. It'd achive the same goals without the risk of pissing people off.
SF said it before I could. What we've been doing with the In Country / Bravo Company group conforms exactly to what you're talking about. If you want to debate it you can try, but when you're using exact equipment, tactics, mindset, and language while carrying a load of shit you don't need to AND living as close as possible to the individuals involved in a specific historic event.. I'm pretty sure that qualifies. Ironically, it's exactly what most people look for in airsoft - a realistic authentic tactical experience. Anyways. Airsoft and reenacting mix just fine if it's done properly, and not half assed like most of us do.

"Solving an imaginary world's contrived and over dramatic problems... 6 millimeters at a time."
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