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It just takes one or two people and everyone jumps on the "WOOT GREAT IDEA!" bandwagon.

Airsoft is hardly re-enacting as most events have artificially created situations (and sometimes no storyline at all). A more people-friendly marketing fashion would be to portray Airsoft as another spot just like paint-ball.

Anyways, just to remind you all (who have since forgotten...) Our sport is at risk of a ban NOT because the sport is intimidating (as well as the name)--It is because dim-witted kids are wielding them in public. It doesn't matter what we call ourselves... replica weapons will be banned because of foolish people (Whether we call ourself Airsoft players or re-enacters is irrelevant).

If you haven't noticed yet, the police are using Airsoft guns as a scapegoat for the cause of many of their problems. The problem is the stupid people wielding them in public that THEY CHOOSE NOT TO ARREST.

Lets say this idea passes and we brand ourselves as re-enactors.
You've pretty much killed off all chances of outside people becoming interested in our SPORT. People are much more interested in trying a new SPORT than anything with "re-enact" in the name.

I dis-approve of this thread.

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